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There is no outright winner for the best video streaming services since they each have pros and cons. TV show fans may prefer some, while movie lovers may prefer others. To help you choose the right streaming service depending on your taste. Additionally, we included a few alternative items in each category so that you would have more choices. Many people are good at more than one thing, so that they may appear in multiple categories.

These are Some Best Streaming Services

  • Best originals: Netflix
  • Watch TV shows: Hulu
  • Best family: Disney Plus
  • To Watch sports: ESPN Plus
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Best documentary Streaming Service: Smithsonian Channel Plus
  • To Watch best movies: HBO Max
  • Watch live TV: YouTube TV

Best movie streaming service: HBO Max

HBO Max is your best choice if you’re a movie fan. There aren’t as many movies as some of its rivals, but plenty to keep you occupied. In addition, quality always wins out over quantity.

With HBO Max, you have access to both old and new movies. Many movies and TV shows from DC Comics, including The Wizard of Oz and the Lord of the Rings. Warner Bros.’ 2021 collection of films is also available on HBO Max, including Mortal Kombat and the Snyder cut of Justice League. Visit the HBO Max link to see more great movies.

It’s not just movies on HBO Max. As well as popular TV shows, it also has some excellent documentaries.

Here are some alternatives to consider
All video streaming services offer a movie selection, but some are better than others in this regard. Our recommendations for movie lovers are HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video, in addition to Netflix.

On Prime Video, you’ll find a decent selection of great movies, but you’ll also find a lot of ones you shouldn’t watch. You will definitely find some great movies on the service, no matter what genre you prefer. A recent Oscar snub, Farewell, is one of the ones we like. It’s loosely based on Fingersmith and many other Victorian crime novels.
Netflix: Aside from its original programming, Netflix also has some excellent films. Bird Box starring Sandra Bullock and The Irishman, is among the movies selected. The best video streaming service in the world shouldn’t disappoint.

The best family video streaming service is Disney Plus

There is something for everyone on Disney Plus. For kids, there are plenty of animated feature films to choose from, and for teenagers and adults, there are plenty of shows to watch. It doesn’t matter your interests: Mickey Mouse, Hannah Montana, Star Wars, etc.

It boasts various exclusive programs and movies that can’t be found anywhere else on the market. Some of these movies include High School Musical, Muppets Now, Lady and the Tramp, and Hamilton. To learn more about Disney Plus, visit the link.

Disney Plus is a relatively new streaming service that is quite affordable. Regardless of how old your children are, it’s worth subscribing to as well. At this time, there is no free trial available for the service.

Alternatives of Disney plus
There are a few alternatives to consider if Disney Plus is no longer available where you live or if you don’t like it. They don’t offer as many animated series as Disney Plus, but both offer plenty of other content as well.

The Hulu streaming service offers a great selection of 90s family comedies such as Step by Step and Family Matters. As well as this, Hulu offers a ton of other great TV series, such as Futurama and Rugrats. There are plenty of action movies and other sources of entertainment available for parents to watch after the little ones are asleep.
Boomerang’s streaming service is aimed more at kids than adults despite its name, even though it is bad enough to watch T&J all night. You can watch tons of cartoons on Boomerang, including classics like Scooby-Doo and The Jetsons. A monthly fee of $4.99 is required.

Amazon Prime Video Best Streaming Service

It’s not about the cheapest streaming service out there but about the one that offers the best value. Amazon Prime Video is a clear winner, but only if you shop at Amazon often.

Among the many services included in Amazon’s Prime subscription is Prime Video. With Prime Video, you can watch original shows and great movies and receive free delivery on most orders, stream Prime Music, and store unlimited photos.

With all of these features, the monthly fee is just $12.99; if you pay in advance, the yearly fee is $119. Although you can purchase Prime Video separately for $8.99, we feel that the full subscription is better value.

Alternatives of Amazon Prime Video
Disney Plus Bundle: You get Disney Plus, ESPN Plus, and Hulu (ad-supported) with the package. Content is abundant – movies, cartoons, and shows. By bundling the three services, you can get Disney Plus for just $13.99 a month, saving you $6.
Hulu (with ads): You can subscribe to Hulu for a low price if you want a popular streaming service. The company’s basic plan will set you back at just $5.99 per month and gives you access to the same content as its more expensive plan without advertising. You’ve got to suffer through commercials to save money.

CuriosityStream: Best documentaries streaming service


Thousands of documentaries with various topics, including science, history, and technology, are available on CuriosityStream. A. Hendricks, who launched Discovery Channel back in the day, was the network’s founder.

The service offers a wide variety of documentaries. The History of Home, which examines the evolution of human shelters, and The Story of Maths, which explores the history of mathematics.

You can try the service for seven days for free, and it’s cheaper than Netflix and HBO Max. You must sign up through an Amazon Prime Video channel or a Roku channel to qualify for the free trial. By signing up on CuriosityStream’s website, no free trial will be offered.

YouTube TV: Best streaming service for Watching live TV Shows

On YouTube TV, you can watch local ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox channels as well as over 85 live TV channels. Your favorite shows can be recorded with unlimited cloud storage, so you can access them wherever you are.
Subscriptions allow users to log into up to six accounts at the same time. You can try it out for 14 days for free before you pay $69.99 per month. It costs $64.99 per month. The other streaming services on this list also allow you to cancel at any time.
You can purchase extra content through YouTube TV’s add-ons. Many add-ons are available, including HBO Max, NBA League Pass, Cinemax, and Starz.


Alternatives to Youtube
Live TV options aren’t plentiful, but there are still a few great choices. We recommend Sling TV or Hulu Live TV as alternatives to YouTube TV if YouTube TV is not for you for whatever reason.

With Sling TV, you won’t have to break the bank. You get only 32 or 45 channels for $30, nearly $35 less than YouTube TV. However, it is much less expensive than its main rival, which offers 85+ channels. A free trial of cloud DVR storage that can be accessed for three days allows 10 hours of recording.
Hulu Live TV: This streaming service offers various entertainment options, including over 65 live TV channels. For an additional monthly fee, you can stream on two screens simultaneously. There are many options for adding and enhancing the basic plan, starting at $65 per month.


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