Instructions for quarantining yourself in case of meeting a patient with COVID-19

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The Covid-19 vaccine can reduce the risk of serious and life-threatening side effects from infection with the virus, but vaccination does not necessarily mean that the risk is completely averted. Scientists are currently researching the role of people who have been vaccinated against coronavirus in the spread of the virus. However, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), vaccinated people should also take precautions.

If you have been in contact with a person who has symptoms of coronavirus or who has had a positive coronavirus test after seeing you, the health of not only you but also the people around you may be at risk. That is why it is very important for you to immediately quarantine yourself if you suspect you have coronavirus.

What is quarantine?

According to medical experts and health officials around the world, quarantine is the best way to prevent the spread of the virus if you have been in contact with a Kovid-19 patient. This is actually the name of confining oneself to a room by cutting off direct contact with the people around you, including your family members, for a few days. Or until your Corona test is negative.

When to go to quarantine?

According to the Ministry of National Health’s guidelines, quarantine is required for those who have had direct contact with a CoVID-19 patient or a person with symptoms of the virus who have tested positive for CoVID-19. These include people who have cared for a patient infected with the corona virus without wearing protective equipment. Or stay in a room where Corona’s patient is, for fifteen minutes or more.

Instructions for quarantine!

If you have had contact with a Corona patient and it has become unavoidable for you to quarantine, follow these instructions.

1. Inform your loved ones about your condition

If you live alone and need to quarantine yourself, make sure the people around you, such as relatives, friends and neighbors, know about your health. In particular, notify people who live near you and who, in case of an emergency, can come to your aid immediately. Or they can deliver bargains, medicines and other necessities to your home.

2. Keep in touch with the doctor or physician

It is very important to stay in touch with the doctor or physician during quarantine. So if you have symptoms of corona virus, you can consult a doctor immediately.

3. Limit yourself to one room and use a separate bathroom

If you live in the same house with your family or someone else, confine yourself to one room – and keep a complete distance from the rest of the house. Also make sure you are using a separate bathroom. And no one in the house should touch you without gloves and masks or dirty clothes. If separate bathroom facilities are not available, disinfect taps and door handles after use. And keep your personal use items such as toothbrushes, combs, soaps, etc. out of the reach of others.

You can find out more about disinfecting your home with the help of disinfectant in this article: Instructions for Keeping Your Office and Home Clean during Quad-19.

4. Eat food alone and keep your dishes separate

Health experts recommend that during the quarantine, you should eat separately in your room. They also insist that you keep your food utensils, such as your plate, cup and glass, separate and avoid using other people’s utensils. And wash the utensils you use thoroughly.

5. Don’t cook for anyone but yourself

According to health ministry guidelines, people who suspect coronavirus or have tested positive for coronavirus should avoid cooking and, if necessary, cook only for themselves. If the kitchen is used by someone other than you, clean the areas you have bitten with disinfectant chemicals.

6. Eat fresh and healthy food

Eating a balanced, fresh and healthy diet is essential for the body’s growth, health, and strong immune system. In case of illness, eating good food becomes even more important. In the case of coronavirus, make sure you eat a diet low in sugar, fat, and fat. Don’t eat junk food as this type of food can have a negative effect on your immune system.
7. Be careful when throwing garbage
Carefully wrap your trash in a plastic envelope to make sure that household members or garbage collectors are not infected with the coronavirus when you touch it.

Get tested for coronavirus symptoms

If you have symptoms of coronavirus such as fever, persistent cough or loss of taste and sense of smell, get your coronavirus tested as soon as possible and contact people you have been in direct contact with for 48 hours. Let them know about your symptoms.

Corona tests are provided free of charge by the government of Pakistan at testing centers in different parts of the country, or you can request a sample from home. You can also apply for the test by calling the helpline 1166 provided by the Government of Pakistan.

You can find information about your nearest test center on this portal set up by the Government of Pakistan or you can get complete information about Corona Test from this article on freedomapk website.

9. Monitor your body temperature and oxygen ratio

If your Corona virus test is positive, keep checking your body temperature. Also, note the amount of oxygen in your blood with the help of an oximeter. The amount of oxygen in the blood can be estimated by touching the finger. If you have a persistent high fever or the amount of oxygen in your blood falls below 95%, contact a doctor immediately.

You can also gauge the amount of oxygen in the blood by breathing – if you have shortness of breath you can do the following exercises, as described in this video from the UK Department of Health. ۔

– Breathe lightly through the nose and exhale lightly through the mouth (as if you were blowing out a candle).

– Rest your shoulders and keep them straight, so that you do not bend forward.

– Lean forward slightly, place your hands on your knees or chair and breathe.

10. Take care of your mental health

The quarantine can have a detrimental effect on your mental health, so it’s important that you take care of your mental health – there are a number of things you can do to help:

– Keep in touch with your friends and relatives by telephone so that you do not feel lonely.

– Stay in constant touch with the person with whom you can feel free to express your feelings.

۔ Consult a doctor and do exercises that do not put too much strain on the body and you can do it indoors.

– Engage in activities that can entertain you, such as watching TV, reading a book, or surfing the Internet. However, you should avoid negative news.

For more information, read our article on Mental Health Care during the Corona Virus Outbreak.

Contact a doctor / hospital for medical assistance if needed
If, despite the above exercises, you are still breathing and your blood oxygen level is dropping, contact your doctor immediately – and visit the nearest hospital or Covid-19 center so that you can be treated immediately. Coins
You can find information on specific hospitals in Pakistan for the care of KVID-19 from the following link:

List of Nominated Hospitals in Pakistan

List of provincial hospitals and isolation centers in Pakistan

Duration of quarantine
The duration of quarantine depends on whether or not you have symptoms of the cocoon virus. If you have symptoms of the virus, the quarantine period is ten days, according to the guidelines recommended by the Ministry of Health. These 10 days are counted from the day of direct contact with your Coronavirus patient – and if your test is positive then 10 days are counted from the day you show symptoms of Corona. Even if your test is negative, follow the quarantine instructions for 10 days, as you may show symptoms of the virus at any time during this period.

When your quarantine period is over, you can start socializing with people with precautionary measures in mind.

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