Best Emulators for Android

Best Emulators for Android– On smartphones that were more powerful than the ones that sent men to the moon, we can play games that have been around for more than 30 years. The best emulators for Android make this possible since they allow you to play those childhood games without needing the old consoles.

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You can experience the good ole’ rush of nostalgia for a few hours at a time while taking advantage of the biggest and best displays, the best hardware, and the fastest software. Although these emulators won’t work perfectly on smartphones with older processors, they still hold up well with games that aren’t exactly the most graphically demanding.

List Of Emulators for Android

How Emulators work for Android

How Emulators work for Android

To use emulators, you need game ROMs (or BIOS ROMs, if appropriate) compatible with the platform you intend to emulate. You cannot download and use game ROMs if you don’t own the game.

Downloading your Android ROM directly from your device is recommended. Download the ROM files to your PC and copy them to Android. When compared to modern game downloads, retro ROMs are rarely bigger than a few megabytes. Using FTP software will allow you to send games to your phone wirelessly.

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If your emulator supports the ROM, it should be able to run it. How will you play retro games on Android using retro game emulators?

Nintendo Entertainment System emulator (NES.emu) ($4)

Nintendo Entertainment System emulator Best Emulators for Android

Gamers can play NES games on this excellent app, which emulates them extremely well. The Zapper gun mimics several of its features. NES / UNF / .FDS ROMs can be read. The software supports save states, configurable controls, and memory backup. It can even render .fds files with Famicon BIOS support.

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Retro gamers can now bring the old-school feeling to their PCs. Here you’ll find the best game emulators for PC. You can build a gaming PC for less than $500 if you follow our guide. We also have a comprehensive list of the best 25 Android games you can check out if you’re looking for something different from your usual video game.

(Classic PC Gaming) Magic DOSBox

Magic DOSBox Emulators for Android

Remember the days when you sat down in front of the computer and typed cd? Is it possible to launch the game with just one command?

Using Magic DOSBox, you will be able to play classic MS-DOS games on your mobile device. Before Windows 98 supported launching desktop games, thousands of games were released on PC. It is possible to open source or abandon many classic PC games. On the Internet Archive, you can find over 2,500 games.

Amiga and Atari games of this era can be compared with most PC games from this period. There are also more simulators and god games here, along with the traditional platformers.



The most popular Android emulator is BlueStacks App Player, and that’s not surprising considering its quality and reliability. In addition to looking and feeling just like Android, BlueStacks has been designed for effortless use. The software is available in both a free and a paid version. While the free version is not completely free, there is a small amount of advertising and the occasional sponsored app.

BlueStacks is primarily meant as a tool for downloading and installing games, but you can also browse the Google Play Store for other applications, and if you want to add apps and games from other sources, you can use standalone APK files. In our experience, Summoners War can be easily installed. However, you cannot log in with an existing account, so keep that in mind.

It is, however, a great way to bring Android to a big screen, assuming your hardware is reasonably powerful.

Citra Emulator

Citra Emulator

A new emulator is Citra Emulator. The Nintendo 3DS version of this game is available here. Currently, it’s the only 3DS game you can play on your phone. It offers the basics, such as state saving and loading, external controllers, and so on. Besides the microphone and camera, there is also support for the motion controls and microphone on this one. Premium users also benefit from cosmetic variations, a dark theme, texture filters, etc. Most games run smoothly on the emulator. We don’t yet know which games will work best on the system or which won’t.



When it first came out in 2004, the PlayStation Portable (PSP) proved very popular. From launch to retirement, PSP fans had more than 1,370 titles to choose from, most of them in HD.

You can travel back to 2004 with the PPSSPP emulator. It’s easy to load ROMs, and there are several options available to configure the app. A range of features is available for users, including HD resolution, the ability to import saves from a physical PSP, and adjusting texture scaling and anisotropic filtering settings.

You should install this emulator on your Android if you’re a fan of the PSP.

My OldBoy! (Nintendo GameBoy Color)

My OldBoy

Without this GameBoy emulator, we couldn’t have a top 10 list. Besides monochrome games, it can also play games on GameBoy Color. Highlights include Link Cable emulation, GameShark code support, a fast-forward feature to skip long, boring drab, and more. In the $4 paid edition, ads are removed, fast forward works faster, Google Drive data is synced, and more. A $4 My Boy is perfect for the “advanced” gamer! The app emulates the Game Boy Advance.



The NoxPlayer Android emulator is just like BlueStacks App Player on PCs and Macs. You will be happy to learn that NoxPlayer supports gamepads, and you have the option to map keys or buttons to perform Android gestures.

Despite its focus on gamers, NoxPlayer lets you install other apps from the Google Play Store as well. There are many great extras included in NoxPlayer, and you can access them via the toolbar on the right-hand side of the window. On this page, you will find shortcuts to recording screenshots and videos, a link to creating macros, and a means to install applications from outside of Google Play.


John NESS Emulators for Android

You probably have seen one name on many lists of the best emulators for Android. NES, Game Boy Advance, and Game Boy Color emulators are available on John Emulators. Playing our favorite NES games on today’s best Android phones is easy with John NESS, which provides a clean interface.

You can play your favorite ROMs using John NESS simply because it’s a solid program. It often offers a choice between using on-screen controls or using a Bluetooth controller, as with many of the emulators on this list. Having the ability to save states and customize your buttons and keys will ease your stress levels. It appears that the only problem is that the app doesn’t support cheat codes, so you may have trouble entering them.

Commodore 64 (Mobile C64)

Commodore 64

A retro gaming clone of the Commodore 64, most popular from the 1980s, enjoys a resurgence now. However, if you prefer not to see the breadbin aesthetic, you can run the games on Android.

It appears Mobile C64 is the most stable of the emulators for the C64 on Android. It also ships with some free games that give you a taste of Mobile 64. A software keyboard allows you to enter text, USB and Bluetooth controllers are compatible, and the tablet can support GPS.


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