Games Like Roblox

Games Like Roblox 2021

Games Like Roblox 2021- Roblox is a video game developed and published by Roblox Corporation. A Sandbox video game, it has MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) features. Players can play the game on PCs, Macs, iOS devices, and Android phones and tablets. They can choose and customize an avatar, interact with other players, traverse an open world, and more in a virtual world.

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There are several places to visit in the game, some of them created by other players. In Roblox, players can buy and decorate a building however they wish. They can demolish or rebuild a building if they dislike it or do not like it.

The article discusses the best 5 games like Roblox that players can download for their Android devices.

Minecraft- Games Like Roblox


World-building sandbox games like Minecraft are widely known and played. A procedurally generated world in the game allows players to build buildings. As well as being able to gather unlimited resources, players can explore, craft, and fight for their survival while maintaining their health.

The game also provides a multiplayer component where players can create and share maps. You can enjoy different aspects of Minecraft with this list of 10 Best Minecraft Maps.



If you’re in search of free Roblox alternatives, check out KoGaMa.

The browser-based 3D game can be compared to Roblox and Minecraft as one of the most addictive games out there.

It is also possible to play it with friends online thanks to the “multiplayer” mode in Jocuri KoGaMa.

The games you can play are designed by others or the ones you can create based on your preferences.

It offers arcade games, shooting games, RPG games, racing games, and adventure games.

With KoGaMa, launch any desktop browser on a laptop or tablet.



In Terraria, you’ll find classic action mixed with creative elements. It’ll be fun to explore and create stuff.

A retro adventure game for those who love it. To begin with, you must scavenge and mine.

Roblox operates in a 3D world, while Terraria relies on a 2D action environment.

Terraria offers many similar features to Roblox, however.

However, some monsters will do everything they can to stop you, no matter what you do. There will also be times when you must stand up to bosses who refuse to stop leaving behind rare items.

It would be best if you used your tactics to defeat these bosses. As a medieval warrior, you have access to guns, magic, and other weapons. It’s just a matter of crafting whatever weapons you want.

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The NPC characters in Terraria are what make the game more interesting. My goodness! This game is so huge that you will have hours of fun and explore endlessly for months. Be careful to stay away from addiction!

Trove- Games Like Roblox 2021


Trove is an MMO sandbox combined with an arena. You can explore the vast universe in this adventurous game. In this dungeon crawler, you’ll explore dungeons, build a home, and collect loot while exploring multiple worlds in the HUB area. Choosing one of the different classes will also give you abilities specific to that class. You can also customize the appearance of your in-game avatars through the game’s numerous customizable items.

Lego Worlds

lego worlds - Games Like Roblox

There is a good chance that if you like Roblox, you’ll enjoy the Lego video games, too, since both are visually similar. Lego Worlds is a unique crafting system that utilizes…you guessed it… Lego blocks. There are many Lego games you can play, but we recommend Lego Worlds.

The best way to feel like Roblox in Roblox is to play on sandbox mode and begin building. Unlike other sandbox games like Minecraft and Trove, Lego Worlds has many more crafting materials.



A unique idea in Boundless is the concept of creating a world that can be shared and built together as a community. There are plenty of activities in the Game World that players can alter and change at will. Minecraft’s inspiration is apparent in the game, but it focuses more on creating worlds to explore than Roblox.

The Harvest Era update for Boundless has just been released. Growing organic, inorganic, and grow crops in the game has been added in this update. New crop types, including decorative crops, have been added to the game to harvest. Players have also complained about difficulties finding their homes when using beacon maps.

Adopt Me!

Adopt Me! - Games Like Roblox

Adopt Me! As one of Roblox’s most popular games, it is also one of the most played RPGs. This Sims-style game involves caring for adopted children and adoptive parents and taking care of their everyday needs.

While the game has been around for four years (and counting! ), it is now more known for collecting pets than anything else.

Adopt Me! Weekly updates and limited-time events are included, such as Scooby-Doo tie-ins. Nonetheless, since this game is intended for a younger audience than most Roblox content, it’s also worth noting that microtransactions are involved, particularly in the pet-related features.



Teratology is an open-source game that provides the player with a sandbox filled with elements from various genres. Although the sport includes many new elements, it already features some contemporary strategies compared to similar video games.

Garry’s Mod- Games Like Roblox 2021

Garry’s Mod

When it comes to manipulating the environment and seeing more detailed graphics, Garry’s Mod is your best option.

There are no objectives or goals in the base game, which is a 3D sandbox. Using the physics gun is all about creating your own fun.

By spawning different objects and melting them together, you can create various effects. You can also find missions like Trouble in Terrorist Town in the modules.

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You can create your own story with Garry’s Mod, which is one of Garry’s Mod’s greatest strengths.

Additionally, if you don’t like block graphics, then Garry’s Mod will appeal to you. Even though the graphics aren’t world-class, they can be refreshing.



You’re dropped into an alien world in this game with better graphics. Players need to make a living from scraping rocks and trees throughout the game, but there is an additional twist: they can’t just rely on that.

The world you create in this game can extend over 30 virtual square kilometers. The goal of this game is to harvest the resources from the alien planet to build fully functioning automated machines.


Creativerse - Games Like Roblox

Players of Roblox will also enjoy Creativerse, another game similar to Roblox. There is a lot more to play within Creativerse than in most other games. You will be given an extra level of flexibility and dynamism through its fluid gameplay mechanics.

Playful Corporation developed Creativerse, and they have ensured that the game is entirely block-based. In addition to wreaking havoc on the planet, you can explore side by side with it too. As a result, you will be exposed to various natural environments, each with its caveats and monsters. In one region of the game, only specially designed gear will allow you to survive.

If you want to build your worlds with friends, you can use private rooms, or if you’re seeking friendship, you can join public lobbies. Playing Creativeerse is a great alternative to Roblox for free, and it keeps players engaged. There is only one version of the game, and you can download it here on Steam.

Wurm Unlimited- Games Like Roblox

Wurm Unlimited

A great medieval kingdom can be built in Wurm Unlimited through building, mining, and gathering resources.

With Wurm Unlimited, you’ll have access to an open world with no limitations. Roblox and Minecraft have a lot in common, except that this game features much cleaner and more polished graphics.

This game offers players a platform that allows them to expand their terrains endlessly, explaining why players spend hours playing it. There are smooth animations and a good design.

Due to the semi-realistic nature of the game, crafting just one item may take several hours. It can still be an advantageous experience despite that.

The Blockheads

The Blockheads- Games Like Roblox

Blockheads is a 2D block-based game set in a constantly changing world generated by a procedural algorithm. Characters called “Blockheads” can construct and destroy blocks while crafting materials to create striking structures. As well as exploring mountains, deserts, oceans and underground caves in changing weather conditions and seasons, players can also experience a variety of weather conditions and seasons.

Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars

Those who enjoy playing Roblox on their Android or iOS smartphone might find Brawl Stars a good Roblox alternative.

You can play against AI or other players in this online mobile game while unlocking Superpowers, Star powers, and gadgets and upgrading your brawler.

In addition to Gem Grab, Showdown (Solo/Duo), Brawl Ball, Bounty, and Heist, Brawl Stars provides several different gameplay modes and options.

In this game, there are also a variety of special events.

Your or your team’s strategy greatly affects your chances of winning a match in Brawl Stars. Finally, you can download and play Brawl Stars for free.


Growtopia- Games Like Roblox

Games Like Roblox 2021- There are few multiplayer creative sandbox games like Growtopia. This is an exciting game you’ll never want to put down. Neither iOS nor Android smartphones have any problems using it. Also, it is compatible with Windows and Mac. Play these 2D multiplayer games with your friends and enjoy building, trading, playing, and exploring. Colorful pixelated graphics make this game more appealing.

Weevil World- Games Like Roblox

Weevil World

Games Like Roblox- You can create your own character in Weevil World, an online browser game aimed at kids. Each player can customize their own character nest. In Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, the nest’s eight rooms can all be upgraded. By winning currency and gaining experience points, players can buy new items for their nest.

Mobile devices and web browsers are compatible with the game. The game features safe chat compliance since it is intended for children. There are only a few phrases that kids can use when playing together.


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