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The application I am going to tell you about today is very wonderful. The name of this application is Google Drive. Within this application, you can save up to 15 GB of your data. This application is completely safe in use and is the official application from Google. That’s why you can use it without any hassle. But as you know the 15 GB has very little storage but nothing to worry about. Because within this application you can get a lot more GB by spending less money. There are many options within this application like you can share photos and videos with any of your friends.

You will find many such applications on the Play Store. But not all applications are as secure. You can save all your videos and photos inside it. When your mobile is lost somewhere you can recover from it very easily with your Gmail account. If you want to get 15 GB of it for free, you only need to have one Gmail. There are many applications from Google like Google photos. Inside you can save all your pictures, photos, documents apps, and many more. If you want to store your videos, documents, and photos in a safe place then I will give you the advice of this application. Because I use this application myself and it is a very awesome application.

Google Drive APKGoogle DriveGoogle Drive APK

How to download Google Drive APK

Follow the information below to download and install. Also if you still have any questions then you can ask me in the comments without any hassle and I will answer you. I would rather be very happy to answer.

  1. As I mentioned before you will need a Gmail to run this application and save the data.
  2. If you have a Gmail account then log in to the Play Store.
  3. After doing this you type Google Drive in the search box and this application will come in front of you.
  4. Then click on install. This application will be installed on your mobile within a few minutes.
  5. Then click Open Now you can save all your stuff inside it.

General FAQ

Everyone will have some questions before downloading this application. I have tried my best to answer them below.

Is this application safe to use?
Yes, the Google Drive application is from Google which is a very secure application. Also, I first check myself for any application that I share with my friends on my website. So you can download it without any hassle.

Is Google Drive free to use?
Yes, you can save up to 15 GB of data for free. But if you want to go beyond that then you have to buy it. But don’t worry because 15 GB is too much for a common man.

Is this the latest version of Google Drive?
Yes, this is the latest version of Google Drive. The download link for this application is also given below and if you want to download it from Play Store then you can also do it from there.

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