The Top 6 best Google Photos alternatives 2021

Best Google Photos alternatives– The Google Photos cloud storage service has become the most popular solution for storing photos and videos. Google Photos has become the most popular photo-storage service thanks to its simplicity, great features, and exceptional value with over a billion users. Do you want an alternative to Google Photos?

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By June 1, 2021, the free tier of “high-quality” images and videos on Google Photos will be gone forever; users will now have to sign up for the paid tier.

Photos and videos will only be able to store up to 15GB for free on the Google Photos cloud in summer 2021. If you use all the space in Google Photo, you’ll have to start paying for more – and that’s not good news for those using it only because it’s currently free.

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Using Google Photos under the same email address as another Google service or having a large collection of photos or videos can easily go over the 15GB limit.

In any case, you can use other Google apps instead of Google Photos to save your 15GB of free storage. These are the five best alternatives to Google Photos available today.

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Here’s why you shouldn’t store files on Google Photos

Here's why you shouldn't store files on Google Photos

Google Photos alternatives- Google Photos may claim to care about your privacy, but it still scans your photos and gathers data. How does that work?

Google automatically identifies, for example, that you are wearing Nike shoes and adds that information to your profile when you upload a picture. How do you think you’ll see the next ad?
Google’s artificial intelligence can recognize objects. In the search bar, enter ‘cats’ and bring up the photos with cats in them. Their face recognition will also recognize your family members’ faces. The profiles they develop on you, and your loved ones can be unnoticed.
Metadata is analyzed. When you show your pictures to your friends and family, the location of your last vacation might be convenient, but it’s yet another way for Google to track your every move.

Is it really wise to hand your personal information to a company known for data mining that knows what your face looks like and where you were last summer? Most likely not. Search for an alternative that will respect your privacy and reduce how much Google knows about you.

The apps will offer encrypted storage for some, while others offer extra features like sharing, editing, managing, and organizing photos. For the sake of your privacy, we’ve gathered and reviewed eight photo storage apps that care more about it than Google.

Apple Photos

Apple photos

With Apple Photos, you get a feature-rich, affordable, and highly secure service. With Apple devices, it is already preinstalled and does not require any additional installation or downloads.

iCloud integration is perhaps Apple Photos’ most significant advantage. The iCloud software delivers seamless backup, syncing, and storage for iOS, Mac, and iPad. Live photos and shared albums are easy to use. All your photos will automatically sync across your Apple devices as long as you are logged into your iCloud account. This is an excellent choice for Apple die-hards.

With iCloud, all photos are encrypted at rest as well as in transit. With Apple, your photos will remain safe, whether you connect to a public Wi-Fi network, work from home, or use a cafe’s free Wi-Fi.

Using an Apple device is, of course, the only way to accomplish all of this. The Apple Photos app does not have a specific Windows or Android client. All Apple devices include photos for free, with 5 GB of storage. For $1.99 per month, users can add 100 GB of storage, for $2.99 per month, or $9.99 per month, a huge 2 TB of storage. Additionally, you can share the 2TB plan with friends and family.

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Apple iCloud and Apple One


Two choices lie before someone is deeply immersed in Apple’s ecosystem. Either you can choose iCloud plans on your own or go for Apple One, a bundled subscription service. You can use Apple One to store your data in iCloud, access Apple Arcade, TV+, and listen to Apple Music.

Prices: For the iCloud storage plan, 50GB of space costs 75 rupees, 200GB costs 199 rupees, and 2TB costs 749 rupees.

Apple One Plan gives 50GB of iCloud storage for 195 rupees a month.

Amazon Photos

Amazon Photos

The Amazon Photos service is another great option for securing photos and videos since Prime members get unlimited storage. In the meantime, non-Prime users receive 5GB of photo and video storage.

It is possible to back up and automatically save all photos and videos on your device through the Amazon Photos app. By saving your phone’s memory, you can retrieve all of its content in the event of a loss or damage.

Additionally, Prime users can provide unlimited storage to five family members, search photos quickly with keywords, locations, and names, and add different categories to Amazon Photos.

All of your devices can access your Amazon Photos library via the app. To share a photo or video, you can do so through text messages, emails, and apps that support it.

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Photo storage and social media platform Cluster is offered free of charge to users. Send invitations to your friends to view the photos after you upload them and organize them in folders. Their comments and likes will then be displayed. Users can also comment on your pictures and see who viewed them. You can also contribute to the albums of other members. It couldn’t be easier to share your road trip photos.

Your personal information will be collected by the company when you sign up. It’s not clear how the data will be shared with their partners or third parties. As they say, they will only share aggregated data.



The platform is primarily used for sharing files, but Dropbox offers more than that. DropBox lets you secure your files using passwords, and you can transfer files from one Dropbox to another. You can store up to 2GB for free, or you can upgrade

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Prices start at $9.99 (roughly Rs 730) for the storage and other benefits plan.


500px cloud storage

Google Photos is a great option, but 500px is a good alternative as well. One of the main perks of the platform is its portfolio-building feature. In addition, images can be licensed for a small fee to other users. Only 500px makes our top list of money-making platforms.

500px, like Flickr, is both a storage solution and a social media platform. On the 500px app and website, users can interact with each other in many different ways. In addition to joining groups, users can also review popular images and participate in “quests,” which have a variety of prize opportunities for photographers. With this, you can share your best pictures with the world and earn some extra change using the platform. With this, you can share your best pictures with the world and earn some extra change using the platform.

It cannot, however, be a replacement for Google Photos or store your whole photo collection. 500px also has public access to all photos that you upload, so it is not appropriate for images that need to remain private.

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Data security is another concern for users. In mid-2018, 500px announced that 14 million users’ data was stolen due to a cyber intrusion, resulting in a data leak. Due to the attack, the company has enhanced its security procedures. These are the Google Photos alternatives.


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