Kahoot Mod APK Download (Premium) for Android 2021

Kahoot Mod APK is an educational app that allows you to create fun quizzes for your friends and family. This easy-to-use app comes with a vast collection of images, videos, and sound effects that you can use as quiz questions. Kahoot Mod APK is simply one of the best quiz maker apps out there!

Note: Kahoot has been offline from Sep 2017 – Jan 2018 due to server maintenance. Apparently, this will be permanent until further notice, although we hope to see it back online soon!

The good thing is I’ve found another Kahoot hack (Kahoot premium apk) which still works like the old Kahoot android app (it’s actually better). I’m not responsible for any problems you might encounter by using my Kahoot mod apk though.

Kahoot Mod APK Kahoot Mod

Here are some of its features:

1) You can invite friends in the app (it’s also compatible with Kahoot plus accounts)

2) No survey to fill up

3) No data will be taken by using this Kahoot hack as Kahoot premium apk is only a downloader. There is no need for any registration or subscription. It won’t even ask you for your email address so don’t worry about spammy activities!

How to Download Kahoot APK Mod

No root or jailbreak is required. You just have to download the file from the link given at the end of this article, and then install it like any normal APK Android app. The mod works just fine with iPhone 8, iPhone 7, Macbook Pro 2017, Macbook Air 2018, and Windows 10 PC.

It’s only a matter of time before Kahoot is back online (if they were able to fix their old server). However, I’m not sure if they fixed the problem yet because I can’t connect to their servers (through my games or quiz maker account)!

General Faq

Question: Does it work with all Android devices?

Answer: Yes, this version of the Kahoot app works on Android 4.0 and up.

Question: I don’t have a rooted phone to download the APK file using my computer.

Answer: It’s a good thing you found this article then! All you need is a USB data cable that comes with your device or an OTG Data Cable. You should be able to root your device without having to use a computer as long as your phone supports rooting through apps (like KingRoot etc.). Just install the downloaded APK as if it were already installed from the Google Playstore and start playing! And no it doesn’t matter what android version is running on your phone.

Question: Will you need to pay for this Kahoot mod apk?

Answer: No! This Kahoot mod apk doesn’t require any payment from you! As I’ve been saying all along, this version of the Kahoot app will not be asking for a registration or a subscription fee unlike the original version of the Kahoot android app!

Question: Is there a tutorial on how to use this Kahoot Hack APK?

Answer: Yes, please see the video below for a detailed guide on how to use my Kahoot Mod APK. If you have questions regarding my solution then just leave them as comments below and I’ll try answering them as soon as possible. You can also find more information and updates on my Kahoot Hack page.


I hope this article helped you download the Kahoot mod apk and solve your mystery of why the app is not working. Now you can play it without being afraid that it will take your info or ask for money from you! Good luck with your learning! If this solution was helpful to you then please leave a comment below saying ” Kahoot Mod APK ” so I know that I helped! Also, don’t forget to share this tutorial on social media using the buttons at the top of this page. Thank You for reading our blog! Keep yourself updated with us by visiting freedomapk regularly for similar articles.

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