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Metal Squad Mod Apk is a game with a bit of story behind it. It was firstly released on the App Store on Jan 29, 2013, but after an update (which changed the compatibility to version 1.6), users experienced some issues like lags and crashes. On May 21st, the game was removed from the App Store due to these glitches until they were fixed up. Finally, Metal Squad Mod Apk is back! If you want more details about the history of this game’s release and gameplay then feel free to read my review.

Name Metal Squad
Develop OneSoft
Category Arcade
App Size 135M
Version 2.3.1
Features Info Unlocked
Get it On Google Play
Update Date September 28, 2021

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Metal Squad Mod Apk Features:

  • 18 original missions
  • 3 different game modes for variation
  • 5 difficulty levels to provide a challenge
  • 4 deadly bosses per level that you must defeat!
  • Outstanding music
  • Great graphics for mobile devices
  • No blood or gore!
  • A great action platformer with style

How to download Metal Squad Mod Apk:

To download the latest version of Metal Squad Mod Apk, click the ‘Download’ button at the top of this page.

Note: After clicking on the download button, you may get a warning about possible malware harmful to your device. I assure you that it is safe and not harmful in any way. Just proceed with the installation so that it will become part of your Android Device! Installation process just takes 1 minute.

After downloading Metal Squad Mod Apk successfully, its name should appear under My Apps section on Google Play Store app . If there is no sign or symbol beside ‘My Apps’, then please go to All Apps section which you can find by sliding right from Home screen page (on your Android Device). I hope this article will be helpful to you.

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About Metal Squad Mod Apk:

Every soldier dreams of joining the elite group known as The Metal Squad. This team consists of the be… Read More Every soldier dreams of joining the elite group known as The Metal Squad. This team consists of the best men on the battlefield and is deployed only when a situation gets out of hand or in extreme situations. You will be playing as Sergeant Roy Walker, an experienced member who has seen many battles throughout his military career. However, nothing could have prepared him for what he encountered during this mission in Metal Squad Mod Apk .

This time around the squad was sent to investigate strange activity near a lake in Wyoming which seemed to cause tremors in nearby towns. Upon reaching their destination, they barely made it through the forest alive when suddenly they were met by hundreds of enemy soldiers along with their tanks and helicopters. The battle ensued but unfortunately most of the squad was killed within minutes leaving only Sgt Roy Walker surviving alone. He continued the fight desperately trying to delay the army as long as he could so that reinforcements from nearby military bases can arrive.

Unfortunately, Sgt Roy Walker was captured and taken hostage for interrogation purposes. The mysterious enemy general asked him about a huge amount of money known as ‘Stash Cash’ which they believe is buried somewhere in Wyoming by an old gangster named Howard Sunlight Jr. Sgt Walker had no idea what or where Stash Cash was, but his refusal to give up information led to him being executed on spot! Just before dying, to fight against the ruthless army.

As the game progresses, Sgt Roy Walker must utilize his arsenal of weapons with changing situations in order to complete his mission and survive this massacre. During this final battle, you never know when a tank is going to roll down on you with its menacing gun or an enemy helicopter will drop soldiers who are aiming at your blood! Luckily for him, the forest provides sufficient cover until he can use one of his guns or grenades to blow them up! The enemies come from all sides so make sure to take your time and retreat if necessary. In addition, items such as jetpacks and shields can be picked up along the way which makes fights much easier.


In conclusion, Metal Squad Mod Apk is a quality action game with great graphics, an intriguing plot, and above all exceptionally smooth gameplay! Download it now before the enemy does!

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