Top 6 Reasons to Delete Your Facebook Account Right Now

Reasons to Delete Your Facebook Account- You likely use Facebook as simply a social media. However, for many, it has more uses than that. The Facebook drug is their way of life, and it is all about Facebook! A billion people use Facebook every month. You should still stop using Facebook right away for a multitude of reasons, perhaps you’re tired of seeing your friends’ happier lives, or perhaps you’re tired of the privacy scam!
The 5 most compelling reasons to delete your Facebook account today
I suggest you quit Facebook or at least stay away from it for a little while and get useful work done! However, I have listed five reasons why you should immediately quit using Facebook in this article!


Facebook is everything!

As a platform, Facebook tries to be everything. In the past, you created a community on a different forum or blog website, but now you can create a community on Facebook by creating a group. Facebook’s e-commerce system is where anyone can buy anything, and it’s not affiliated with Amazon or local online shops.

Video on Facebook doesn’t require you to watch YouTube. Skype is not necessary for video chatting. You can use Messenger for video chat. Facebook also has this feature, so you don’t need Google Maps to find a restaurant. What do you mean Facebook wants to become everyone’s Internet store! Just Facebook is opening the page, so you don’t have to create a website.

Having used Facebook’s services, you have accumulated a considerable amount of personal information. Facebook does everything you know. Perhaps Facebook collects more data than Google. Many will claim that they have no idea what Facebook saves. Most people, however, focus on privacy as a major concern, which may be one of the reasons they stopped using Facebook.

Facebook makes you feel like your life sucks.

Do you know what FOMO is? There are generally only happy highlights shared on the narcissistic social media sharing website, with 1.28 billion members. Typically, they don’t talk about the darker, less envious moments. Social media users do not like Debbie Downers. This study and others have shown that people who frequently browse Facebook’s news feed often become unhappy because they think people there are happier, more successful, or better than they are. Please don’t ride the Facebook train anymore. Kill it.

Tracking Facebook ads

To launch such a massive platform, Facebook depends on advertising. Ads on Facebook are targeted at Facebook users to reach them. So, where do Facebook’s users come from? You use Facebook for a variety of things, and it records that. Facebook is watching everything you do, everything you buy, everything you say in a message.

Additionally, many websites use the Facebook API, so Facebook can track what you are doing on those sites. Therefore, Facebook almost keeps an eye on everything that is happening online. Facebook may have tracked your activity on a website even though you never signed up! If a website uses the Facebook comment plugin, Facebook can track what you do there! Many may find this uncomfortable.

Even your private information is shared with applications.

You have shared all of your data with applications you install to this point. Therefore, you no longer trust Facebook and many smaller software developers who don’t care much about your data’s security. Some of whom have a worse track record on ethics than Facebook. If you never use Facebook applications, in practice, all your data is effectively public. The OpenGraph API and Facebook are connecting you to the Facebook ecosystem rather than Facebook.

Data breach at Facebook

The Facebook data breach isn’t something you should ignore if you are involved in regular tech. It’s alarming that Facebook collects your deadly data, but it’s even scarier than Facebook takes care to protect that data. The company must be totally ignorant when it comes to privacy and data security. Since the platform was launched, several significant data breaches have occurred. Data breaches caused by Cambridge Analytica are among the most significant. During this data scam, Facebook leaked billions of user records!

Either hackers or scammers stole data from the data. It’s important to remember that Facebook user data means the user and password were saved on their server in plain text. The password for any Facebook account is stored in plain text, a security risk even though it can only be accessed by Facebook staff.

The Facebook addiction is real.

Many people visit Facebook after eating or even without eating. Facebook means a huge waste of time. There is always the latter, your newsfeed scrolls whether or not you post something. You will spend more time on Facebook if you are designed to do so. The hour after which the bell is paid is not displayed when reading a friend’s post or news page update.

You have been reduced to a virtual machine because of Facebook. If you do not share your life events and pictures, you probably aren’t. So quit this addiction, live the real-life, get out, and enjoy! In the end, how many likes you get on your post will not matter as much as how many likes a friend gets on their post. the

The social impact

Using Facebook can quickly lead to psychological disturbances and later frustration for many users. Many people like to see their friends lead happy life, but many are jealous. A friend’s life may seem happier than your own, causing you disappointment. On Facebook, many people create a totally different persona from their real-life persona.

Various social effects can be observed on Facebook, as has been scientifically proven. A photo with more likes can make you feel jealous, create psychological pressure on you, and make you feel angry. It can cause stress not to have an expensive phone if you post pictures on Facebook by looking into the mirror.

This concludes our five reasons for deleting Facebook. You may still wonder if deleting your Facebook account would be beneficial after knowing the reasons! My answer isn’t straight in regards to whether or not it should be removed.


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