VivaVideo - Video Editor&Maker

VivaVideo is a free app that offers numerous video-editing features, including cutting videos, combining videos, editing videos with music, adding stickers, adding text, etc.
Get VivaVideo to edit videos with music & effects!

VivaVideo - Video Editor&Maker

VivaVideo Features (Review)

An awesome video editor app
This app gives you everything you need to edit videos on the go.
Video templates that have high-quality effects and transitions.
You can create amazing vlogs with this video editor app featuring stylish themes.
It uses BGM and unique filters to create an easy-to-use photo slideshow.
To edit videos professionally, you’ll need advanced video adjustment.

Song Maker for Video
With the most current music and photos, powerful videos can be created.
With free video maker and song lyrics for tik tok. VivaVideo can be used to create trendy short videos.
A professional creator of music videos with effects and transitions. Video editing software that lets you create high-quality videos from photos.

Using a video editing app
Features include cutting, merging, copying, pasting, and more.
Create longer videos, combine clips, edit transitions into videos, and add music to videos.
There are many video editing effects available, for example, transitions between edits and glitches—the best video editor app with music, photo, and text plus cool effects.

Cutter and Editor for Videos

Split a video into several clips; cut a video / merge a video/merge videos in the timeline.
Transform videos with transitions by trimming and editing videos with music and photos.
With cropping, you can keep the quality of the video—a free video editor and cutter for YouTube that is easy to use.

App to create videos
Making great transition effects, editing videos with music and images, and cropping videos for Instagram. You can get creative with your masterpiece by using amazing materials.
Video clips can be combined to make one video, making video creation easier.

Edit videos with Blur
For videos and photos, you can create blurred backgrounds. An app that lets you edit videos for Tik Tok.
Vivavideo can blur video backgrounds on YouTube and Instagram. This video blur editor is free to use.

Video with music
You can add sound to a video as well as free featured music.
Your own custom videos can be created by adding voiceover to the video and recording your own voice.
To make sure the music fits perfectly in the video, adjust the volume.

Text to video

Font and style for the text on the video.
Add subtitles to videos and edit the text in different fonts.
The ability to add multiple texts to videos and photos, along with mass editing effects, will be provided.

Video effects editor

You can also add professional video effects like Glitch effects and Transition effects.
With this, you can apply video filters in the style of movies.

Videos Sharing.
This app can export a video/movie in 720p, Full HD 1080p, and 4K resolutions. You can make movies and edit videos for free.
Videos can be saved to your phone or shared via YouTube, Instagram, and Tik Tok.

Video editor and video maker VivaVideo allows you to edit videos and add music. It’s also an easy-to-use editor for video and movie making on YouTube, Instagram, and Tik Tok. Video can be easily cut, merged, edited with music, edited for YouTube, and stickers can be added to the video, text can be added to the video, images can be made into videos, etc. Video editing with transitions and music in VivaVideo, then sharing on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok! Utilize Viva Video Editor to create your own vlogs or funny videos.

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